Week 13: Hello from Reykjavik!

What I completed this week:

  • Moved basically all of the stuff I’ve been exploring with synphot over to astroplan, which in hindsight makes more sense! In brief, this is what I did:
    • Added a new module exptime.py to astroplan, which uses synphot to calculate the exposure time needed to obtain a given signal to noise ratio. Even though it uses synphot, it is not a required package of astroplan unless the user wants to use exptime_from_ccd_snr
    • Added a new class called Telescope which carries information about the instrument the observer is using, such as the bandpass, gain, read noise, and CCD response function.
    • Added a new module skycalc.py which has a function to query the SKYCALC Sky Calculator for optional modeling of atmospheric transmission
  • Wrote a tutorial for using astroplan to calculate exposure time, which you can see here
I’m in Iceland this week for the 4th Extreme Solar Systems conference! Which is appropriate, because Iceland has what is closest to an alien landscape that I can imagine.

This week’s goals:

  • Write tests for the new functionality in astroplan
  • Add examples to the astroplan documentation
    • I think I’ll just copy and paste my Jupyter notebook tutorial into something Sphinx will display nicely
    • Add a reference to the exptime example mentioned above to the “getting started” part of a documentation. I originally wanted to add a simple 1-2 line example to “getting started”, but since you have to model the spectrum of the target and all that I think it would be more appropriate to just keep the example on its own page
  • Write my final blog post, which will summarize everything I’ve done and serve as my “code submission” in the final evaluation!

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